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The 6505

A little bit of extra grunt. Flick the switch and hit the lights, it’s showtime.

You still love your 5150, but you’re searching for that different sound. Something with a little more spark, a bit more grunt in the smaller venues. You wanna blow people away with the extra bottom end you’ve discovered. Without compromising performance when you need it most, this is the perfect addition to The Machine Head. A little bit of extra grunt. Flick the switch and hit the lights, it’s showtime. The 6505 is also available in a Round Tail & 5 Fin Option for 2017.


outline Outline
Contemporary Modern
entry Entry Rocker
Mid with a late Nose flip - Easy paddling, easy glide through flat sections
exit Exit Rocker
Low with late Tail flip- Surf tight, surf fast
concave Concave
Neutral Single Concave - Fast and easy. Will generate speed quickly
tail Tail
Options of Squash or Rounded Pin
thruster Fin Setup
Options of a 3 fin set up or 5 Fin set up
Wave height 2-5 ft
Paddle Power 4/5
Select surfboard size & see stock
Custom order
See stock
Custom order ? Select this option for custom board dimensions. Please note, the shaper will try to get the volume as close as possible to requested size while maintaining the integrity of the board.
Vol (L)
Recommended sizes ? These are the recommended sizes developed, designed and hand crafted by the shaper. If variations are needed – please use these as a base for custom board dimensions.
Vol (L)
In stock ? These are boards that are currently available in stock sizes. Please note, ensure you check each model for customisations before purchasing.
Length: -Not selected-
Tail shape: -Not selected-
Construction: -Not selected-
Glassing: -Not selected-
Fin layout: -Not selected-
Fin system: -Not selected-
Artwork: None
Rail Shape Full
Nose Rocker Med
Tail Rocker Low
Concave Nose Single
Concave Middle Single
Concave Tail Single
Extras: None
Total // $0.00 AUD

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