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Neptune's Ride

A step-down surfboard that is easy to surf and suits a range of waves. One of the most versatile boards in the entire range. Speed, Power and Flow.
Live to Ride. We took our favourite elements from our Swamp Thing collaborations with Aloha, Surf Culture, Finbox & Kirra Surf to bring you a board that is easy to surf and suits a range of waves. You’ll be trimming with speed, carving with power and sitting nice and tight in the pocket. This board has a five fin set-up to give you more options, a round tail for that smooth feeling and a rolled vee through the bottom to generate speed and help with rail to rail transition. The NEPTUNE'S RIDE is also available in 50/50 EPS TECHNOLOGY from selected dealers. KEY FEATURES EASY PADDLING SOFT, ROLLED RAIL SINGLE TO DOUBLE CONCAVE + VEE KNEE TO OVERHEAD WAVES
Drive & speed 5/5
Wave height 1-6 ft
Movability 4/5
Paddle Power 5/5
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