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Dire Wolf

The DIRE WOLF is an ancestor of the original WOLF – they look similar but there are some distinct features which set them apart.

The DIRE WOLF will roam between habitats with ease. It has no trouble crushing small conditions with it’s large teeth but also capable of making a meal of bigger, chunkier prey. Designed by nature to fit into the smallest, tightest sections but also have enough drive to hold through full rail turns. Enough width to carry over flat sections & a widened round pin for versatility. A 5 fin set-up gives the DIRE WOLF an advantage when hunting. Proceed with caution.


outline Outline
Contemporary Modern - Easy to surf & performance based shortboard
entry Entry Rocker
Mid - Instant speed & carry over flatter sections
exit Exit Rocker
Low - Drive & Speed & Control
concave Concave
Single to Double + Vee - Safe & Settled with Vee giving rail transition ease
tail Tail
Rounded Pin
thruster Fin Setup
5 Fin Set Up - Options for thruster or Quad set ups
Wave height 2-8 ft
Paddle Power 4/5