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Tom Wadsworth hails from the West Coast of South Australia. A place that holds mystery, fear and excitement for the traveller, but its also as quintessential as Australia can be. The weather and climate are harsh. It's where the desert meets the sea, the very edge of Australia. Its water is cold and patrolled by the Great White. Its waves are tricky, demanding and they're not the easiest entry and exit points - maybe that's the reason they're not heavily populated, or maybe it's because they're held down tightly by a dedicated local crew. It's where Wadzy calls home.

These days he spends a chunk of his time in Adelaide, a 7-8 hour drive away slugging it out on the Monday to Friday grind for that elusive Carpentry Apprenticeship. He plays football [soccer] in hotly contested local tournament with friends on Wednesday evenings - The Brighton Premiership League. Somehow they got sponsored by the local Fishing Tackle store.

You can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as the charts light up, Wadzy packs his trusty Volkswagon Transporter and heads West to hurl himself over the ledge on one of his many haunts.

TOM WADSWORTH || DESERT RAT from Stacey Surfboards Pty Ltd on Vimeo.

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