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We're about to release a brand new model from our Amplifier Series, The 6505. It's something that we've been working on for a while and is now ready for you to shred. The 6505 is basically a step-down from The 5150 model and has been developed with our team and WQS grinders. The first batches of The 6505 will be landing at Surf Culture, Bondi, Sanbah in Newcastle and Local Knowledge at Nobby's Beach on the Gold Coast in the coming weeks. If you've been loving your 5150 or are just looking for something to surf tight and fast in smaller waves without being your standard 'small wave' board then The 6505 will have you covered.

A little bit of extra grunt. Flick the switch and hit the lights, it’s showtime.

You still love your 5150, but you’re searching for that different sound. Something with a little more spark, a bit more grunt in the smaller venues. You wanna blow people away with the extra bottom end you’ve discovered. Without compromising performance when you need it most, this is the perfect addition to The 5150.

6505 stacey surfboards in store now


  • MID ENTRY ROCKER WITH LATE NOSE FLIP: Easy paddling, easy glide through flat sections
  • LOW TAIL ROCKER WITH LATE FLIP: Surf tight, surf fast
  • NEUTRAL SINGLE CONCAVE: Fast and easy. Will generate speed quickly
  • VEE DECK WITH BOXY RAIL: Allows foam to distributed easily without feeling over volume

Check out stock sizes and order your custom Stacey 6505 now!

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