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Jesse Adam hails from Newcastle, a town drenched in surfing and mateship. He religiously surfs the stretch from Mereweather to Dixon Park and surfs more than anyone we know. He is very surf. He also works in the local surf store, Sanbah and likes Punk Rock and Motorcycles. Last year he took off to Indonesia on a mission to surf as much as possible. Along for the ride was good friend and filmer, Zac Heath. Clips were stacked, waves were surfed, Nasi Goreng was consumed and believe it or not, a dog actually at Zac's Nasi Campur.
This was the last proper surfing that Jesse did in 2016. On the day they arrived home from Bali, Newcastle was being blessed with the swell of the century. The boys were calling it all time. With bags not even unpacked, Jesse was out there to sample some of the goods. Two waves in and he was lipped in the head exiting a tube. The force the lip brought down on him pushed him forwards into a strange position, resulting in torn ligaments in his ankle. The rest of 2016 was spent working the shop floor and doing anything other than surf. Enjoy this offering from Jesse and Zac with the sweet sounds of Fugazi to compliment the surfing.

Dog Stole My Campur from Zac Heath on Vimeo.

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