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Evan Geiselman took another big jump up the QS ladder with a crucial win at the Vans Pro Men's QS3,000 in Virginia Beach on Sunday. It was his second QS win this year; his first came in Japan at the Ichinomiya Chiba Open QS6,000. The Floridian is now hoping to carry this momentum into Europe.

Geiselmen beat out Pat Gudauskas and Michael Dunphy, two former event champions, to take the win. The other member of the powerhouse final was Samuel Pupo (younger brother to CT star Miguel Pupo).

"Just to be on the East Coast, and have this event as the only one with some prestige over here, it feels great to win. A lot of great surfers have won this thing and I was just in a heat with two of them so I'm just so stoked."

Evan was riding The Grizzly in 5'11 x 18 1/2 x 2 1/4 with 25.5cl of volume.

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