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The Roach Classic Twin

The Roach Classic is a Twin Fin version of The Roach. Available at Sanbah, Finbox, Aloha Surf Manly and by Custom Order. Make your small wave dreams a reality.

The Roach Classictwin is a twist on the ever popular Roach. We've just given it a bit more of a throwback to it's origins, the humble Twin Fin plus trailer. The Roach Classic is a super functional modern Twin Fin. You've got the option of riding it with a small trailer fin or fast and loose as it was intended. The intricate bottom contours are still the same, so you'll still have a tight turning arc and drive.

The beaked nose, retro styled logos and glass on fins are all part of the fun. The fins have been hand made in Australia, on a little farm on the South Coast of NSW. Each set is unique.


ROLLED VEE : Easy Paddling and breaks through chop
BIG SWEET SPOT : Easy to find your feet. Burn rubber.
GLASS ON FINS : Paying homage to how a Twin Fin should be.


outline Outline
Modern twist on traditional Fishy Outline
concave Concave
Rolled Vee. Easy paddling and it breaks through the chop.
tail Tail
Swallow tail for drive
twin Fin Setup
Twin Fin
Drive & speed 5/5
Wave height 2-6 ft
Movability 3/5
Paddle power 4/5