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The Flathead

Everything you need & nothing you don’t in this small wave machine. The Flathead continues to perform and is a true favourite.

Grease, Oil & Fuel. The smell of it in the garage as you tinker away on your Flathead. “Strip it back to the bare essentials”, that’s what the old guy would always say. “You want simplicity, reliability & responsiveness, then you’ll have yourself a good ride”. Chopper builders piece different bikes together to get exactly what they want. We’ve built our FLATHEAD with pieces of the SHOVEL HEAD & The TWIST. Only leaving the things that are necessary. Everything you need & nothing you don’t in this small wave machine. Ride on…

The FLATHEAD is also available in 50/50 EPS TECHNOLOGY from selected dealers.


outline Outline
Stubby Shortboard - Fun Small Wave performance surfing
entry Entry Rocker
Short & Flat - Easy to paddle
exit Exit Rocker
Late flip - Enhance tight turns
concave Concave
Single to Double - Generates & Controls speed well
tail Tail
Squash - Tried and tested
thruster Fin Setup
Thruster - Who doesn’t like 3 fins? 
Wave height 1-4 ft
Paddle power 4/5
Select surfboard size & see stock
Custom order
See stock
Custom order ? Select this option for custom board dimensions. Please note, the shaper will try to get the volume as close as possible to requested size while maintaining the integrity of the board.
Vol (L)
Recommended sizes ? These are the recommended sizes developed, designed and hand crafted by the shaper. If variations are needed – please use these as a base for custom board dimensions.
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In stock ? These are boards that are currently available in stock sizes. Please note, ensure you check each model for customisations before purchasing.